Artist Statement

I am a fourth generation native Californian, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. My father grew up in the high desert mining town of Jerome, AZ and my mother’s childhood was spent amongst the pine and redwood forests of Northern California. They both had a great love of the Sierras, the canyon lands and desert of the Southwest, wide, open spaces and most of all, the Pacific Ocean. Family vacations, from my perspective the highlight of my childhood, were spent skiing, hiking, hanging out at the beach and traveling on marvelously long road trips across the Western states.

My work is informed by this upbringing grounded in the natural landscapes of the West, a life-long interest in Japanese design, so abundant in the Bay Area, and by my undergraduate architecture studies at UC Berkeley. I design and execute projects ranging in scale and scope from functional, residential furniture to public sculpture installations, for both interior spaces and landscape settings.

I employ a vocabulary of minimal, architectural forms, and use a wide range of materials, primarily wood and steel. My aesthetic has consistently been driven by an affinity for articulated structure, the nature of functional objects in reference to time and ritual, and my desire to create fully resolved compositions of contrasting elements, work that is at peace within itself and resting quietly in its place.